Other Assessments/Resources

Age Appropriate Transition Assessment – Toolkit by National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT)

Transition Assessment Matrix – Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center

Transition Assessment Reviews – Transition Coalition Univ. of Kansas

Transition Assessments for Students with Significant Disabilities – Transition Coalition

Transition Assessment & Goal Generator – Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment

Age Appropriate Assessments (video) – Ed O’Leary of Cutting Edj Resources

Health Care Transition Readiness Assessment tool (TRAQ) – Florida HATS (pdf)

Health Care Transition Readiness Assessment for Youth & Families – Got Transition

Charting the LifeCourse – LifeCourse Toolkit

CCSSO – College and Career Readiness Standards and Researched-Identified Transition Skills (pdf) needed to obtain employment or participate in further education after high school with sample goals related to curriculum.

Iowa College and Career Readiness Standards

Zarrow Center (University of Oklahoma) – Whose Future Is It Anyway? (2nd Edition), by Dr. Michael Wehmeyer, helps prepare students for their IEP meetings and gain self-determination skills (free download)

Casey Life Skills


College & Career Competency Framework

Got Transition

Independent Living Postsecondary Goal Decision Making Tool

Let’s Get To Work – Career Goals

Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment

Self Determination

I’m Determined

Autism Focused Intervention Resources and Modules

Hour of Code

Nepris – Connecting Industries to Classrooms

Indiana Transition Assessment Matrix



Healthy Lifestyles instructional ideas from Oregon Health Sciences University: Summary of Lessons from Young Adult Curriculum and 39 Pages of Handouts